Sieves for rape, grain and corn

We produce sieves for harvesting rape, grain and corn. All sieves are consistent with the original in terms of dimensions and method of attachment in the sieve box.

Quality parameters:

  • The louvres of the sieve are made of alloy sheet with increased strength.
  • Cold strengthened surface wire.
  • Full galvanizing with an additional coating that increases the slip on the surface of the lamellas. This solution increases the sieving efficiency.
  • Certain serrated adjustment mechanisms.
  • 2 years warranty.


A report on the comparative study of the durability of corn sieves in Kombinat Rolny Kietrz

LDW sieves are dedicated for universal trashing. Due to modern construction sieves are working very well at the all types of seeds. We can use them for small seeds (for example rape, flax), grain (for example wheat, barley) and legumes (for example lupine, soya). Thanks of modern lamella Construction air foil flow inside the sieve boxhas been hanged. Because of that it’s possible to increase the harvest speed with the same or smaller grain looses compering to traditional sieves.


Report on comparative field test

  • 0.65 mm thick steel lamellas;
  • tooth length 10 mm (lamella CZ1) or 22 mm (lamella CZ2);
  • wires spacing – 29 mm.
  • 0.65 mm thick steel lamellas, covered with a manganese-silicon coating;
  • tooth length 32 mm (lamella CZ3m with an additional bridge)
  • the geometry of the lamellas within the tooth and the back of the lamellas was developed based on field tests;
  • wires spacing – 40 mm


Field tests were carried out on the following combine harvesters: Bizon Rekord Z058 and CLAAS Lexion 440


Field test report no.  1

Field test report no. 2

Report from testing the prototype sieve in field conditions in the 2018 season