Concaves for grain, corn and peas

We are a producer of rapeseed, grain, maize and pea concaves. Our concaves are consistent with the original in terms of overall dimensions and fixing methods. Design changes have been made to some models to increase the strength of parts. All concaves are sold unfinished (without anti-corrosion protection such as zinc or paint).

A few years ago, we expanded our offer with bar concaves. It turned out to be a great solution for wet maize, peas and rapeseed.

Modern, high-performance BAR CONCAVES – dedicated to work with high loads – allow for:

  • increasing the mowing speed;;
  • reduction of grain damage;
  • reduction of the problem of clogging of the concave in high humidity;;
  • increasing grain cleanliness.

For the production of the concave, we use a rod fi 16, grade C45. The lumen between the bars is also 16 mm.

We offer wire concaves (depending on the combine model, 2.6 mm, 2.8 mm or 3.8 mm hardened wire) and openwork concaves. It is possible to order a universal concave with 6 mm wire. The frames are made of S355 structural steel.

We offer openwork concaves or wire concaves 8 mm thick. It is also possible to order a universal concave with 6 mm wire.