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Grain and corn sieves

We produce sieves for harvesting grain and corn. 


1/ Alloy sheet lamellas 0,65 mm., welded to steel wire fi4 at 4 points

2/ Steel profile frame 20x20x2 cutting by 45 degrees angle 

3/ Center rib, enhanced connection to the frame gusset 2 mm

4/ Electrogalvanized

5/  2 year warranty


Grain sieves:

  • alloy sheet lamellas 0,65 mm.
  • tooth length 10 (CZ1) or 22mm. (CZ2)
  • lamellas spacing - 29 mm.

Corn sieves:

  • sheet lamellas 0,95 mm.
  • tooth length  22mm. (CZ2) or 32 mm. (HC/CZ3)
  • lamellas spacing - 40 mm. - or other, to agree.



LDW (pol. Lamela Dużej Wydajności), High efficiency sieves.

LDW sieves are dedicated for universal trashing. Due to modern construction sieves working very well at all types of grain. We can use it for small seeds (for example rape, flax) grain (for example wheat, barley) and legumes (for example lupine, soya). Thanks to new lamella construction we have hanged air foil flow inside the sieve box. Because of that it’s possible to increase the harvest speed with the same or smaller grain looses compering to traditional sieves.

LDW sieves advantages:

  • Universal – small seeds, grain and legumes
  • Increase harvest efficiency – higher speed with the same or beater cleaning
  • Smaller grain looses
  • Sieves are replete free – stay clean during harvest
  • It’s possible to use at hilling field. 
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